If your law firm wants the best for its attorneys, staff and clients, then yes, AdaptiveSky is for you. Law firms come to AdaptiveSky to get a customized solution that meets their unique work needs and nothing else. Start with the computing environment that your firm has now but make it faster, more secure, more current, more reliable and more accessible. That is AdaptiveSky. At AdaptiveSky, we do all of this with one clear goal: to make it possible for your firm to:

AdaptiveSky understands law firms. More specifically, we understand attorneys, paralegals and their staff. First, they work HARD. Second, they appreciate and respect service providers and vendors that work as least as hard as they do. Moreover, law firms want to work with companies that understand what they do and why they do it.

AdaptiveSky is great for start-up law firms, law firms with multiple locations and law firms with flex schedules and telecommuting attorneys (basically – every firm that has joined the 21st century or wants to). By getting rid of the need for expensive onsite servers and for retained (i.e., employed or contracted) IT staff, AdaptiveSky frees law firms to expand or contract on the fly, add and remove users easily, and never miss a beat.


At AdaptiveSky, we work with all of the major Document Management Systems (Worldox, iManage, NetDocs, etc.). A robust DMS is an absolute must for any law firm that has more than a handful of clients or matters and understands the critical importance of keeping all of their digital files organized, indexed and searchable.

After extensive research and testing on behalf of our clients, we are confident that we have found the best DMS in Worldox. For that reason, AdaptiveSky is also a certified Worldox Systems Integrator. And, of course, because the only thing worse than having no DMS system is having one that isn’t right for the way that your firm works, AdaptiveSky custom-configures each law firm’s Worldox installation for maximum performance. We then come onsite on launch day to train everyone on how to get the most out of it. We can also take a firm’s existing DMS installation, put in on AdaptiveSky, and optimize it to perform like never before. All in the name of empowering and enabling our clients to:

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