AdaptiveSky is a super-fast, super-secure, super-charged, private cloud network that is always on and always available. The AdaptiveSky desktop provides and makes accessible all of a law firm’s legal applications and data. No matter where an attorney is or what device is being used, AdaptiveSky empowers that attorney to:

In addition to the complete Office suite and professional PDF editing software, AdaptiveSky will also install, configure and integrate all of a law firm’s specialized legal applications, including billing, time management, calendaring and document management systems (more on that below), so that they inter-operate seamlessly.

AdaptiveSky is a comprehensive technology solution for entrepreneurial and forward-thinking law firms of all sizes. We take the headaches and the unpredictability that most law firms associate with “IT” and replace them with certainty and stability. This peace of mind allows attorneys to focus on the most important thing – providing excellent and responsive service to their clients.

AdaptiveSky is likely several orders of magnitude more secure than your law firm’s IT systems are now, both because of the requirements that we set for ourselves before we signed our first client and also because our law firm clients would not have it any other way.

The short version is that AdaptiveSky’s custom client environments are hosted on systems that are company-owned and that are located in multiple secure locations. Client data is securely backed up in multiple ways with dispersed storage and access. Additional backups to the client site can be arranged. Connections from the client site to AdaptiveSky servers are always highly encrypted and, thus, always private. We also actively monitor our clients’ systems to ensure that everything is always safe, secure and fast — so that our clients can:

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