What Is It?

AdaptiveSky is a super-fast, super-secure, super-charged, private cloud network that is always on and always available.  The AdaptiveSky desktop provides and makes accessible all of a law firm’s legal applications and data. No matter where an attorney is or what device is being used, AdaptiveSky empowers that attorney to:

Just work. Anywhere. Now.

In addition to the complete Office suite and professional PDF editing software, AdaptiveSky will also install, configure, integrate all of a law firm’s specialized legal applications, including billing, time management, calendaring and document management systems (more on that below), so that they interoperate seamlessly.

AdaptiveSky is a comprehensive technology solution for entrepreneurial and forward-thinking law firms of all sizes. We take the headaches and the unpredictability that most law firms associate with “IT” and replace them with certainty and stability. This peace of mind allows attorneys to focus on the most important thing – providing excellent and responsive service to their clients.

Who Are We?

AdaptiveSky is run and staffed by certified IT specialists with decades of experience in network, server and desktop management and maintenance, as well as specific experience in those fields as they relate to law firms and law practice management. AdaptiveSky also employs attorneys who kept the “Esq.”, dropped the billable hour, decided to embrace their “inner geek” and go into IT. Thus, AdaptiveSky understands what makes attorneys and law firms tick. We get that when it comes to “IT”, attorneys want to:

Just work.  Anywhere.  Now.

Is It For Me?

If your law firm wants the best for its attorneys, staff and clients, then yes, AdaptiveSky is for you. Law firms come to AdaptiveSky to get a customized solution that meets their unique work needs and nothing else. Start with the computing environment that your firm has now but make it faster, more secure, more current, more reliable and more accessible. That is AdaptiveSky. At AdaptiveSky, we do all of this with one clear goal: to make it possible for your firm to:


Just work.  Anywhere.  Now.


AdaptiveSky understands law firms. More specifically, we understand attorneys, paralegals and their staff. First, they work HARD. Second, they appreciate and respect service providers and vendors that work as least as hard as they do. Moreover, law firms want to work with companies that understand what they do and why they do it.

AdaptiveSky is great for start-up law firms, law firms with multiple locations and law firms with flex schedules and telecommuting attorneys (basically – every firm that has joined the 21st century or wants to). By getting rid of the need for expensive onsite servers and for retained (i.e., employed or contracted) IT staff, AdaptiveSky frees law firms to expand or contract on the fly, add and remove users easily, and never miss a beat.

Is It Secure?

Yes. In fact, AdaptiveSky is likely several orders of magnitude more secure than your law firm’s IT systems are now, both because of the requirements that we set for ourselves before we signed our first client and also because our law firm clients would not have it any other way.

The short version is that AdaptiveSky’s custom client environments are hosted on systems that are company-owned and that are located in multiple secure locations. Client data is securely backed in multiple ways with dispersed storage and access. Additional backups to the client site can be arranged. Connections from the client site to AdaptiveSky servers are always highly encrypted and, thus, always private. We also actively monitor our clients’ systems to ensure that everything is always safe, secure and fast — so that our clients can:

Just work.  Anywhere.  Now.

Document Management Systems

At AdaptiveSky, we work with all of the major Document Management Systems (Worldox, iManage, NetDocs, etc.). A robust DMS is an absolute must for any law firm that has more than a handful of clients or matters and understands the critical importance of keeping all of their digital files organized, indexed and searchable.

After extensive research and testing on behalf of our clients, we are confident that we have found the best DMS in Worldox. For that reason, AdaptiveSky is also a certified Worldox Systems Integrator. And, of course, because the only thing worse than having no DMS system is having one that isn’t right for the way that your firm works, AdaptiveSky custom-configures each law firm’s Worldox installation for maximum performance. We then come onsite on launch day to train everyone on how to get the most out of it. We can also take a firm’s existing DMS installation, put in on AdaptiveSky, and optimize it to perform like never before.

Recently, AdaptiveSky was selected by Worldox to be one of the few resellers in the world of two new products that integrate perfectly with Worldox.  The first is Sony’s Digital Paper, a brand-new device in a brand-new product category, that when used in conjunction with Worldox, empowers you to leave your legal pad behind and annotate, sign, share and save your documents from a device that weighs 12.6 ounces and lasts for up to 3 weeks on a single charge.  And when used in conjunction with Worldox and AdaptiveSky, you know that you can use Sony Digital Paper anywhere, anytime.


AdaptiveSky was also selected by Worldox to work with Canon to bring the new “Scan to Worldox” functionality to Worldox customers nationwide. The “Scan to Worldox” MEAP application, when installed directly onto a customer’s compatible Canon imageRUNNER Advance device, empowers firms to save valuable time by streamlining the process of scanning documents into Worldox.



Worldox, Sony and Canon working seamlessly in AdaptiveSky. All in the name of empowering and enabling our clients to:

Just work.  Anywhere.  Now.



“I recommend AdaptiveSky to all law firms without hesitation. When our law firm moved to the cloud a couple years ago, we used another provider. The experience was a disaster and our loss of productivity was substantial. We then moved to AdaptiveSky and our experience has been simply fantastic. Our system now runs smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, AdaptiveSky has been phenomenally responsive and helpful. In addition, AdaptiveSky has been very fair in its pricing and honest in all of its dealings with us. AdaptiveSky understands our business, our office, and our needs. They helped us streamline our computing and made it simple to use our system remotely from anywhere in the world. If you have any questions about AdaptiveSky, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Barry Weisz
Managing Partner at Freedman Weisz LLP


“If you are a law firm or solo and you want to be sure that your IT solution is being handled by a company with integrity, expertise in the legal industry and an uncompromising devotion to making sure that everything in your computer and IT environment is working, and working well, then the AdaptiveSky team is a great choice. Our law firm (Harder Mirell & Abrams LLP) could not have begun to operate without AdaptiveSky’s expertise, and their willingness to identify and work with other service professionals. In short, AdaptiveSky is a critical member of our team, and I am happy to have the opportunity to recommend them.”

Jeffrey Abrams
Managing Partner at Harder Mirell & Abrams LLP

“AdaptiveSky has the expertise other IT firms lack. I patiently waited for over a month while another IT company tried to find a solution to my problem – they never did. I then contacted AdaptiveSky and one of their consultants had a solution within minutes of my first call. They simply have the law firm knowledge and expertise others don’t. I recommend AdaptiveSky without hesitation.”

Robert A. Rabbat
Attorney at Enenstein, Ribakoff, LaViña & Pham

“AdaptiveSky’s level of expertise and customer care are second-to-none. Hiring them was one of the best business decisions for my law firm. Their responsiveness, knowledge, affability and general quality of work have guided my company through some difficult technical issues in the last few months. I recommend AdaptiveSky to my colleagues without qualification.”

Veronika Melamed
Family Law Attorney

“The best business decision we made this year was to open our own law firm. The second best decision was put our firm on AdaptiveSky. AdaptiveSky allows us to access all of our programs, including Outlook and Worldox, quickly and efficiently from anywhere in the world, thereby enabling us to serve our clients from anywhere in the world. AdaptiveSky is also a Worldox Certified Systems Integrator and was able to custom-build our Worldox installation so that we can retrieve documents from our three prior law firms along with the documents from our new firm in one seamless user-friendly environment.”

“We have a busy practice and lifestyle and we literally could not function as well as we do without AdaptiveSky. For instance, I have been able to quickly and easily access key documents from my iPad while appearing in court. Additionally, the service we have received is simply unparalleled. Any questions or concerns have been promptly resolved to our satisfaction. I highly recommend AdaptiveSky. ”

Mika Hilaire
Hilaire McGriff PC

“AdaptiveSky revamped our entire system and did a spectacular job getting the installation done, training our staff and responding to our questions and issues. AdaptiveSky’s collective knowledge base is substantial: they replaced our email, document management, word processing and accounting software and generally responded to our calls for help within the hour, if not within minutes. Our productivity and ability to get work done and out has substantially increased since going on AdaptiveSky. I recommend AdaptiveSky without hesitation or qualification of any sort.”

Barry Kurtz
Certified Legal Specialist, Franchise & Distribution Law at Kurtz Law Group, APC


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